Concert Review: Billy Collins and Mary Oliver at Strathmore

Though not quite standing room only, the Strathmore was packed from its crowded orchestra to its fourth tier balcony; even some of the throwback box seats elevated along the sides of this enormous structure had audience peaking over the rails. The stage was empty, however. The chorus had not yet … Continue reading

Theatre Review: ‘Dying City’ at Signature Theatre

Good dramatic stories rely on more than interesting characters. They rely on more than crisp, provocative dialogue. They rely on more than inventive twists and reversals in direction and perception. Good dramatic stories rely on—rely most on—their ability to encourage an audience to care. Dying City, Signature Theatre’s latest dramatic offering, … Continue reading

Theatre Review: Druid Theatre Company’s ‘Famine’ at The Kennedy Center

Famine, the third and final play in The Kennedy Center’s presentation of DruidMurphy, possesses what most American theatregoers (in fact, what most Americans period) find antithetical to human nature: history. Set in occupied County Mayo, West Ireland, 1846, this Tom Murphy play takes us to the Great Famine, or as the … Continue reading