The Creativists in Dialogue Podcast

“In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.”

Frantz Fanon

Launched February 1, 2023

With hosts Elizabeth Bruce and Michael Oliver

With your hosts, Elizabeth Bruce and Michael Oliver

In this podcast we interview people from all walks of life about the role that creativity plays in shaping who they are. We explore creativity at both the practical level, and at the process level.

We also, on occasion, delve into the philosophical dimensions of creativity—that might have influenced a person’s life and work?

Importantly, not all the people we interview are “Artists”—though some are—but they all live their creativity every day in their fields of expertise, their relationships, and beyond.

In other words, we approach creativity as a vital force to a healthy life. Not only does it change the world but it changes who a person is and how they see themselves.

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