Creativists in Dialogue

The Genisis of the Podcast

The genesis of Creativists in Dialogue:

Michael and I have discussed the centrality of creativity in both of our lives for many years. Indeed, our marriage is as much an artistic partnership as it is a familial bond.

As our world has become more and more fractured and, as a consequence of that fracturing, has eroded communal and community bonds, leading to crueler and crueler acts of violence and contempt, the healing power of creativity to nurture empathy and compassion has never been more needed.

Creativists in Dialogue sprung out of our need to address this moment in whatever way we can.

Michael and I have multiple creative dimensions, as writers, actors, theatre designers or directors, lifelong educators, parents, and community members. To address his multiple dimensions, several years ago Michael began calling himself “a creativist”. The concept immediately congealed a realization. Creativity is not a rarified activity; it does not require a diploma or certificate; it does not need recognition or acknowledgment. Creativity is a way of life, a way of engaging the world, a way of being, and a means of becoming.

Without hyperbole, without creativity, the soul dies.

Creativists in Dialogue hopes to encourage becoming.