Quick Blurbs

The Politics of Mothers and Work

Much has been made of Hillary Rosen’s recent comment about Ann Romney never having “worked a day in her life.”  Even though everyone knew she was speaking of working outside the home for pay, the republicans made much of the comment, saying it was an attack on motherhood.

In January, however, in New Hampshire Mitt Romney said that poor mothers who get federal assistance should be required to go to “work”. Yes, “to work” to borrow that phrase used by Hillary Rosen.  Romney’s political approach (and now its the approach of the whole republican party) has become the theatre of lies. (And, yes, the democrats are only one step behind I must say.)

To believe anything that is said these days in the political sphere requires such a huge “suspension of disbelief” that it can not longer be “willing”.  Kool Aid is needed–two doses!