Expert Tutoring

Michael tutors a student

Expert Tutoring

As a tutor, Michael has a number of specialties.  A veteran classroom teacher of thirty years, Michael has taught and tutored a broad range of subjects.  At the Washington Ethical High School (now the Nora School) and more recently at The New School of Northern Virginia, his primary subject areas were English and theater. He has tutored freshmen as well as AP English students preparing for their AP exams. As the creator of The New School’s Senior Exhibition and Early College Programs, however, he tutored students on everything from history and science research projects to his specialty of English and theater.

So if you need an expert tutor in any of the follow areas, contact Michael at or at 202-529-3143. 

  • Tutoring in English (including AP English, both Language and Literature)
  • Tutoring in Essay Writing (any subject)
  • Tutoring in Research Writing (any subject)
  • Tutoring in Exhibition Preparation or Presentation
  • Tutoring in Theater (both directing and acting)
  • Tutoring Philosophy
  • Tutoring in the Socratic Process

Creativist: Writer, Performing Artist, Educator